dog agility chirnsideDogs love  both physical and mental stimulation and doing agility with your dog provides both. The added bonuses are it strengthens the bond between you and your dog and it keeps both the dog and owners fit too!

At Chirnside Canines all fit and healthy dogs can enrol after their first birthday. Puppies under a year old are still developing and their joints are still fusing together so we strongly recommend that you wait until they are 12 months old before introducing the main aspects of agility. Encouraging them to go through a tunnel at home, for dog agilityexample, is fine as this bears no strain on their joints and will give them a head start when it comes to them joining the class.

Before you and your dog enrol for the weekly classes there will be an initial introduction to basic agility. This is a one to one session which allows your dog to become familiar with the equipment at their own pace.

Generally, our course is made up of 20 pieces of equipment including Jumps, Tyre, Pipe Tunnel, Flat Tunnel, Weave Poles, Long Jump, A Frame, The Wall, Dog Walk, Pause Table and a See Saw.

dog agilityYou and your dog will be taken through each piece of apparatus individually which enables your dog to become confident with the equipment without added time restraints or distractions. This session lasts one hour.

At Chirnside Canines everyone has fun, it’s a great way to stay fit and it really strengthens the bond between you and your dog…and it’s a great way to meet like minded friends!

  • All of the equipment used is very well maintained and manufactured by quality suppliers who cater for many agility clubs across the U.K.
  • dog-boarding-agility-chirnside-165The club holds its own public liability insurance.
  • Fresh drinking water for dogs is provided.
  • Please bring treats and poo bags.

PLEASE NOTE: It is crucial to warm up the muscles before doing any type of exercise and this is no different for your dogs anatomy. Chirnside Canines is set in a beautiful, quiet, farmland location where you and your dog can have a stroll and a stretch before embarking in the fun! So please arrive 15 minutes before the start of each class to allow time to warm up.

dog agilityTIMES:

Group class times are as follows:

Saturday mornings: 11:00am – 12.30pm

Induction sessions can be arranged at a time to suit.

dog agility
Classes cost £5 per class per dog (payable in blocks of 4)

The first induction session costs £12.50 per dog

All group sessions have limited spaces so book in advance to secure your space.

dog agilityPlease note: sessions might need to be cancelled at short notice due to weather conditions. Please make sure you provide two contact numbers  on our registration form so we can contact you regarding such cancellations.