Me and my dogs

Me and my dogs

dog-boarding-agility-chirnside-095dog-boarding-agility-chirnside-162I adore spending quality time with my dogs and this comes in many different forms. The first is their basic training, your standard sit, down, stay, etc to ensure they all have good manners.

It is this foundation that makes agility training easier and therefore very rewarding. Agility training with my dogs is one of my favourite hobbies, it encourages them to use their minds as well as having to respond to specific commands and hand signals from myself. It’s a great sense of achievement watching them do so well with the additional bonus of being a fantastic and fun way of keeping me in shape.

dog boarding chirnsidedog-boarding-agility-chirnside-113I also love to be in and around water with our dogs, some of whom are natural water babies so whenever we get the chance we head off to the sea and indulge in some sea activity! We never pass up the opportunity to spend time in a swimming pool!

Whenever I get a spare minute I get out the sewing machine out and continue to add to their range of trendy bandanas!

dog-boarding-agility-chirnside-143When we can, we like to take the dogs along to fun dog shows and feel very proud when they are awarded rosettes especially for ‘Most Handsome Dog’.

dog boarding chirnsideI always encourage the ‘working’ breeds to actively retrieve whilst we are out so our walks are full of games of ‘hide & seek’ and ‘fetch the pheasant’.

My dogs mean the world to me and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do for a living.